What companies are in the consumer services field

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Statistics show that there are over 450,000 consumer service companies in the United States alone. According to research conducted by Dun and Bradstreet, these businesses generated combined annual revenue of about $400 in 2021. So, what exactly is the consumer service field and what companies are in the consumer service field? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the consumer services field including major companies that are in this field.

what companies are in the consumer services field
Consumer Services field

What exactly is the consumer services field?

The consumer services field is simply companies that offer essential services to consumers. Examples of consumer services include hospitality, transport, art and entertainment, technology, media, games, banking, insurance, and much more. The services offered by these companies are sold to consumers as opposed to organizations.

The consumer service field mainly depends on computers, human resources, and IT to offer seamless service to consumers. One very important thing you need to know about the consumer service field is that it is more about processes, experience, and outcomes as opposed to offering tangible products such as cars, toys, or appliances. Companies in this field mainly focus on customer care, transaction, and how consumer access services as opposed to basic industries field companies.

The consumer services field plays a crucial role in the economy because they provide essential services to consumers. Without them, then people would have a hard time staying in touch with their loved ones and running their businesses and home smoothly.

What companies are in the consumer services field?

Now that you know what the consumer services field is, let’s now focus on the companies that are in the consumer services field. There are hundreds of thousands of consumer services companies in North America. In this section, we will list some of the top companies in the USA that are in the consumer service field.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the top consumer services companies in the world. This multinational company serves hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. The company is based in Seattle, Washington and it has over 1.6 million employees. The company offers a wide variety of consumer services, including deliveries, digital content, prime membership, and much more.

2. Airbnb

If you are a traveler, then you are definitely familiar with Airbnb. This San Francisco-based company was founded in 2008 and has grown to become one of the largest and most reputable companies in the consumer services field. This company offers alternative accommodation to travelers at cheaper prices. Today, the company’s app is available in over 190 countries and 81,000 cities worldwide. Travelers can create their free accounts and book spaces for vacation stays from their huge database.

3. Apple Inc.

Apple is currently the largest and most profitable company in the world. This company is a consumer service provider and offers various products and services like Apple mobile phones, portable music players, computers, and entertainment gadgets. The company is based in Cupertino, California, and has over 154,000 employees.

4. Costco Wholesale Corporation

This consumer service company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington. Costco Wholesale Corporation runs a network of membership warehouses in the United States. As of 2020, this consumer service company was the second largest retailer second to Walmart.

Besides dominating in the United States, this company also has stores in eight other countries. This company is known for its great customer service, bulk selling, and affordable pricing. Besides selling merchandise, this company also offers other consumer services such as photo printing, optical, and pharmacy.

5. Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Company is arguably one of the most successful companies in the consumer industry. It offers consumer services that entertain and improve the quality of life of its customers. Some of the services that the company offers include television, theme parks, publishing, live theater, and movies.

The company’s mission is to make people happy through its creativity and innovation. Walt Disney Company is the undisputed leader in the hospitality and leisure sector of consumer services and it leverages technology to deliver personalized experiences to its customers.

6. TJX Company

TJX Company is the top consumer service company in the apparel and home fashion industry in the United States. This giant company has more than 4700 stores in nine countries. It also has five other top e-commerce sites, including Marmaxx, Marshalls, Sierra, Home Goods, and T.J Maxx. These five ecommerce sites offer designer merchandise of different top brands at discounted prices.

7. Pfizer

Pfizer is a giant consumer service company in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. This giant company has also partnered with government agencies and healthcare providers to give consumers high-quality and affordable healthcare services. The company was founded way back in 1849 and currently has over 10,000 employees.

8. Talk Desk

Talk desk is a popular cloud contact center that assists businesses to interact seamlessly with their customers. The company was founded in 2011 and currently works with over 1800 businesses. It offers app integration services of call services to enhance communication between enterprises and their customers. The company is based in San Francisco, California, and has over 5000 employees.

9. Innovaccer

Innovaccer is a reputable healthcare technology company that uses data analytics to improve the quality of care that patients receive. This company helps healthcare companies to interpret data that they have collected and use it to improve the quality of service that they give to their patients. The company is based in San Francisco, California, and has over 1000 employees.

10. Kasisto

Kasisto is an information technology company to utilize artificial intelligence to provide assistance to users via messaging platforms, mobile apps, IoT devices, and websites. The company creates custom virtual assistants and Omni channel bots that make it easy for companies to attract and interact with their consumers. This company is based in New York.


In this article, we tried our best to explain the topic ‘ of consumer services’ from a different perspective like What is a consumer service, what are examples of consumer services etc. We also discuss different companies that are in the consumer services field. Although there are tons of companies that are offering their services in the consumer services field. We choose some of the top companies operating in that area.

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